Reference Checks!

Ahh, the dreaded Reference Check! Or should we say the ‘crucial’ Reference Check?! This topic is subjective no matter how you cut it. As staffing firms, we must perform reference checks on each and every consultant we intend on bidding. As a consultant/contractor, you are faced with the challenge of your references (i) being contacted too often, (ii) being too busy to respond to a reference check, (iii) becoming frustrated with the process as a whole…and the list goes on. So, we put together a list of Tips on how to approach the Reference Check process.

  • Provide references that are as current as possible – ideally no more than 5 years old- chances are, references from more than 5 years ago will not remember details that are required.
  • Don’t use someone as a reference who cannot verify your professional work experience (ex: colleagues and/or friends) - using a management/supervisory reference will ensure the timely verification of your professionalwork experience, duties, and responsibilities.
  • Do include supervisors who will give positive and constructive feedback on your past work experience.
  • Do let your references know ahead of time that someone will be contacting them – this will give them time to prepare for the conversation and have feedback ready. Dynamic Personnel references checks take approx. 3-5 minutes – that’s it!
  • When it comes to submitting proposals to our clients, Reference Checks are something we commit to doing. Clients will often request references’ contact information as part of bids, large or small. Therefore we have to be prepared, and may be forced to reject an application if reference contact information is missing or incorrect.
  • Ask for at least 2 supervisory references from every project/job/contract. This should include: name, title, organization, phone numbers (personal and work, if possible), email addresses (personal and work, if possible). People move around, so the above list is best to be able to track them down on short notice.

What’s Your Objective?

Thank you for reading our inaugural blog post…we intend on posting as often as we can, featuring tips on how to secure that job, challenge yourself, and be the best you!

It’s true – whether we admit it or not, we all need a purpose. You need to communicate your purpose to the potential employer you are contacting with your resume! Potential is the operative word here! Said employer is making a decision on whether to a) consider you, b) interview you, c) hire you, or d) forget you ever existed. Strive for a), b), or c) – and this is how we think you can!


1)     Your objective statement should be focused on the job you’re applying for (even if it’s not your dream job!).

2)     Your objective statement should be concise…1-2 sentences maximum!

3)     Your objective statement should include reference to the role you’re applying to, or at the very least, the industry in which the employer operates!

 4)     Your objective statement does not need to tell a story! It just needs to sum you up in a line or two. Simple, right?

a girl thinking

5)      Your objective statement should NOT contain the name of another employer, industry, or job title! (Check, double-check, triple-check!)

6)     Your objective statement should highlight the top three traits that you possess, so you are capturing the reader’s attention in those first few seconds! (Remember … 27 seconds…27 seconds…)

7)     Your objective statement should not be generic! Customizing it to the job you are applying for shows you spent time tailoring your resume for the client!

8)     Your objective statement should not imply that you want to take over the reader’s job (or higher)! Even if it is an senior-level position you are applying for, remember there is always someone else who owns and/or runs that company!


Registered candidates should contact us for advice on how to master the art of a strong Objective Statement! If you have stumbled upon this blog post but are not already registered with us – we hope it was useful, but with respect to registering - what are you waiting for?!