Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

We deal with both public and private sector clients, with the Federal Government of Canada as our most prominent client.

We deal with a wide variety of opportunities ranging from: clerical, administrative, professional, industrial, science-based and IT-related fields.


Generally job postings are valid for 2-3 business days. Applicants may contact our office to confirm if the position is still available.

Exclusive consent is when you give us permission to represent you only through Dynamic Personnel Consultants for a specific position.

Our federal government clients can disqualify candidates who are submitted for the same position through more than one agency. Also, we commit to working with you, as long as you commit to working with us on specific opportunities.

Firstly, you need to meet all of the mandatory requirements that have been identified by the client. They are listed in the job posting. If you meet all of the mandatory requirements, please apply to the posting directly through our website. Once we receive your application, one of our recruiters will contact you if you are deemed qualified for the position.


Our pre-registration process starts on our website. Click on the register link on our homepage (or here) to fill out the required information and upload your current resume. Once our recruiters have reviewed applications, qualified candidates will be contacted to complete registration.

Conducting this meeting allows us the opportunity to discuss your preferences, the staffing process, and future job opportunities with you. As well as answer any questions you may have at the time.

To search and apply for positions with Dynamic Personnel, simply click Job Search link on our homepage. From there, you may search by keyword, date, title, and/or work location. Select the position you wish to apply for and click apply near the bottom of the screen.

On the bottom left corner of the home page, there is an “update your resume” quick link. That will allow you to upload a new version of your resume whenever you wish.

If you are looking to update your profile (i.e. new address, phone number, etc.), log in using your email address and update the information appearing on the screen. Alternatively, you may email all new information to jobs [@] dynamicpersonnel [.] com or contact your Recruiter.


We need to know the current status of your Clearance as it stands with Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) to determine which, if any, type of clearance request we should initiate in your specific situation.

The offices of Dynamic Personnel are a secured area; the handling of your personal information is supervised by an Authorized Security Officer. All documents are securely shredded when disposed of. We will not have access to any confidential documents held by other agencies or departments concerning you without your consent.

The agency that sponsored your certificate or the department who granted the certificate may, without your consent or knowledge, rightfully terminate the Clearance if they no longer need it to guarantee your security status after you leave their employment. It is valid until the expiration date only if in use. The renewal date refers to the information verified for your clearance to be granted and when more current information will be needed to renew your clearance.

Depending on the level of Clearance required it can take from two (2) weeks to one (1) year or more. For the Reliability Clearance (aka Enhanced), the process takes about two weeks to a month from the day that the Security Clearance request form is submitted to PWGSC by Dynamic Personnel. Secret Clearances take approximately six months or longer also from the day that the Security Clearance request form is submitted to PWGSC by Dynamic Personnel. Please note: Dynamic Personnel will only submit your forms to PWGSC once they have been completed fully, submitted online, and all necessary signatures/information have been gathered.

If you do not plan on filling out the Clearance forms online, please contact our office so that we can make a note in your file. Without a Security Clearance, government positions are not attainable and you cannot be considered for the temporary Federal Government positions through our agency.

Public Works and Governmental Services requires that each individual requesting a new Enhanced Reliability clearance or a duplication of their current clearance to authorize consent to the given agency. This requires filling out the forms provided by your agent, usually during your registration meeting.

Yes, if you have a valid Clearance with PWGSC, though new regulations in the major federal government departments require that we own a copy of your clearance prior to any submittal of a candidacy, we will still be looking for opportunities. The duplication of a Clearance can sometimes be granted quickly within the deadline, and for some departments a Pending request may be sufficient.

Dynamic Personnel does not charge an administrative fee for Security Clearance requests, and neither does PWGSC. Though, there may be costs for the applicant in obtaining additional documents such as fingerprints from the RCMP or FBI and other documents such as certificates of good conduct and basic disclosure. These may or may not be requested by PWGSC, depending on your international activities, type of clearance requested, and/or random verification. There is no obligation to obtain these documents, but the Clearance request will be cancelled if requested documents are not provided. We do have full-time resources employed to support this process which costs us, therefore clearances will be requested only if necessary.

The great majority of employment opportunities available through our agency are for governmental employment requiring a Security Clearance. That is why we offer to sponsor our Candidates for Security Clearances at PWGSC prior to submitting their resumes, as the process may be lengthy.

Those eligible for a security clearance are individuals of Canadian citizenship, as well as individuals who have been living permanently in Canada for a duration of 5 or more years.

Send an email to security [@] dynamicpersonnel [.] com and if any information is available about the process of your clearance, it will be provided to you.

Every agency that hopes to place you has to apply to duplicate your clearance from Public Works. Your certificate is only good for the agency whose name is on it. Therefore you must complete all the PDF forms AND the online Public Works (OLISS) application that will be sent to you from our firm in the event we place you with one of our clients.